The Perfect Thanksgiving Cuisine

Thanksgiving is about sharing the warmth of home and making people feel welcomed, and there is no easier way to make people feel welcomed than sharing the same dinner table with them along with the variety of meals being offered at the time of thanksgiving. After all, this is what makes Thanksgiving so special. But it also means putting together a full-fledged menu regardless of the fact whether you are hosting it for the first time or you have been doing it for years. Creating a menu and picking up the right options while keeping it budget-friendly can be tiresome. After all, you have to think of the sides and stuffing, mashed potatoes, what kind of pie you want as dessert and of course a stuffed turkey (if you eat meat obviously).

We thought of dozens of meal options to help you prepare for this wholesome holiday of togetherness saving you the hassle of sitting down and drafting one yourself. So you have the best combination of items. That will please everyone. Here is everything you need to include to craft a perfect thanksgiving meal.

Roasted Turkey

Any thanksgiving meal is incomplete without the traditional carving of the bird at the dinner. While carving it might look like work, making it is an actual piece of art that requires resilience and the key to making the perfect turkey lies in baking rather than its recipe, sure it`s important but the true essence still lies with the stuffing and baking part of it. It is better to plan ahead of time as you would not like to overcook, which leaves the meat dry. Just providing it the optimum amount of heat does the job, the right outer crisp and juicy inner meat would surely please, even aunt Marissa at the table.


Our nana used to say it`s not Thanksgiving without something crunchy yet sweet. According to her, it depicts the life cycle of a person and you have to work a bit before getting some sweet after taste. None the less sweet potato casserole would definitely bring its own sentiments to the dinner making that will make everyone fall in love with buttery mashed potatoes, and pecan toppings.

Cranberry Sauce

Its richness in antioxidants and vitamin c not only makes it great for the immune system but also makes it a great savory dessert, coming as no surprise that it made our very own Thanksgiving meal. Cranberry sauce also symbolizes history as it was used by various Native American tribes. According to legends, it was used at the first thanksgiving meal making it a perfect reminder of ancient times.

Mac n Cheese

At the dinner table, there will always be people who have their picks among the food presented. But one thing that remains everyone`s favorite and go-to item is mac n cheese. It is a portion of comfort food for everyone. Making it a perfect fit for your turkey day entree. Using a combination of cheese layered with pasta and mozzarella is high in protein and fat, which is why we might suggest you take it in small portions.


The right stuffing makes all the difference at the meal and it might be the deal-breaker at the table. Every Thanksgiving is incomplete without a carb-filled sweet or savory stuffing which is why we have brought you the two best options among which you can choose from that are listed below.

The classic Thanksgiving stuffing: It usually comprises most ingredients available at home, making it super affordable yet amazing. With a number of ingredients used in the right quantity, the results can be profound. Featuring slight crust on the outer surface and tender underneath, enriched with a mouthwatering buttery flavor and a blend of right seasoned herbs.

Fancy and Delicious: This type of stuffing has it all by combining country bread with cornbread, involves making your own croutons doing it a bit heavy on the butter as it enriches the flavor while choosing the least number of vegetables and adding various flavor boosters to create something out of the ordinary. This might require a bit too much work. However, this is what results in the outstanding stuffing. 


Any meal is incomplete without a sweet and savory dessert and what better way to do it than to opt for something traditional and American. Sure there are a variety of pies you can go for here, we would recommend making more than two types of pies. As it`s turkey day so no one would be going easy on the food and especially when it`s cooked from one of the best recipes.

We came up with a perfectly curated entree for this thanksgiving and for our avid readers to benefit from the festivities without taking the worries of how a minimalist yet wholesome meal should look like. For more festivities stay with us and we will keep you updated on what`s new and refreshing.

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