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Affiliate marketing is now the strategic marketing solution for every eCommerce market. It involves an affiliate who joins a specific affiliate program to promote their niche and then generating revenue via the selling of that niche. Today, affiliate marketing is growing immensely. People are earning their full time income through affiliate marketing. But reaching that point is not that easy for all. Affiliate marketing is now the choice for many brands and merchants. It has now become a part of the industry generating over $12 million worth. Affiliate marketing has many myriad advantages for everyone. But it is necessary to choose a reliable platform for you. We have found one for you. Rakuten Advertising.

What Is Rakuten Advertising?

Rakuten Advertising is an affiliate marketing service platform. They are serving people in affiliate marketing for more than 20 years now. They know how to connect big brands with potential publishers in unique ways. They connect advertisers with targeted audiences and help publicist monetize their content.

With Rakuten, you can get your cashback. It is linked with big brands with pays them to drive your sales through their sales. And Rakuten receives the commission for increasing its sales. Rakuten shares the commission with their publishers.

So many brands and publishers are choosing Rakuten for their advertising partners for their expertise and unique marketing solutions.

Why Rakuten Linkshare?

Rakuten`s purpose is to promote brands of all areas by uniting you to more than 14 million ready to shop affiliates while optimizing your marketing strategies and stimulating increase with Cash Back premia. More than 2500 retailers in 10 distinctive categories offer various solutions to assist businesses in addressing their needs, a brand safe atmosphere with incentive proposals.

Elite Opportunities Beyond the Rakuten

Being part of the Rakuten family, you will have possibilities with other leading names in the industry that you won`t get wherever else. Intensify your associate program by businesses with Rakuten

Best In Class Protection for Your Brand

Their Brand Spirit and Regulatory Compliance Management Service give a high security level to labels seeking to lessen peril and guarantee affiliate marketing programs follow federal necessities. By controlling unusual action and pursuing regular uncertainty, we hold the rigor and number of violations, recognize opportunities for advancement and give remediation assistance.

What Rakuten Offers You?

Let`s take a look at some fantastic offers Rakuten has for you.

Innovative Media Solutions

Rewards purchaser every time they made a purchase via Rakuten

App targeting solutions

Employs an aggregate of AI technology and behavioural acumens to incentivize customers.

Targeting Email Opportunities

Target users in their marketing drive and build a channel of communication.

In Store Card Linked Offers

Recompense clients offline and in store and further limit to publicists and deals possibilities.

Button Browser Extension

Bring firm clients from the Rakuten Rewards affiliate foundation and embrace new ones with a single click to implement Cash Back grounds.

Digital Strategy Experts

Access to a department of media authorities to craft a custom digital approach particular to your precise business aims.

Rakuten believes in generating genuine real opportunities that encourage our affiliates and retailers to recognize and gain recognition while rewarding cash back.

Well, we know that everything has some good and bad points. We have gathered some for you.

Some Good Points

o   Rakuten has the advantage of getting huge labels on board through their network.

o   The easy to use interface is the best thing for newbies and veteran marketers.

o   The sign up process for the Rakuten affiliate program only takes a little time.

o   Creating an affiliate link or pennant is simple.

o   Customer support options are convenient for you.

o   They are serving the world since 1996, so they understand the business.

Some Bad Points

o   They don not disclose the EPC for any merchant`s programs.

o   They have gained themselves a reputation for late payments.

o   An obsolete interface.

All these things bring us to the summing up that Rakuten Marketing is still an essential pro in affiliate marketing. Their platform seems very defined when contrasted to others. But the most important principle for you as an affiliate depends on the merchants they portray.

Several brands are only exclusive to this affiliate network.

It is that kind of ambitious service that can put you one step forward from others to making full time earnings from affiliate marketing. It is entirely reasonable to replace your job with money made from affiliate sites.

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