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Noom is an exclusive digital service that exists as a consumer-oriented healthcare provider and operates with the primary aim of enriching people`s lives with happiness and health. It utilizes the most recent theories in behavioral sciences in empowering people for having more control and responsibility for their physical and mental health.

They combine the ideas of psychology, behavioral sciences, technology, and human coaching towards creating a single ideology that has helped many to achieve goals for improvement in one`s health and personal well-being. Since then, they have expanded their scope on research and development onto chronic and non-chronic conditions, such as factors contributing to stress, anxiety disorder, hypertension, and diabetes.

Psychology Is The Key For A Prolonged Change

Weight loss is not an easy journey, it is not entirely dependent on one`s physical ability to achieve something. The most integral process of the weight loss journey is setting up the psychological strength to actually make the journey. This is something the world is not ready to discuss yet but it`s something that should be at least brought into consideration.

This is the aim for Noom, to change how the world perceives weight loss. The usual stereotype is that the actual journey of weight loss is difficult when one tries to perform it, and it`s a very common misconception. The most difficult part is the psychological process that backs up the process in its success. Therefore, Noom helps people with the help of behavioral sciences and psychology to help people in their weight loss agenda.

Its aim is to clearly understand the link between you and your diet, to make you punctual in pursuit of your hobbies and routines, and to give you priceless knowledge that would engineer and sustain your transformational change for a long period of time.

The Process Of Nooming

Noom follows a broad and well-defined hierarchal process that assists in an individual`s weight loss journey. This process is backed up by years of research and brainstorming until there was a concise and distinct process that was finalized in establishing their Unique Selling Point.

They tell us that there are three major factors taken into consideration that have defined how the Noom ideology work, psychology, technology, and Human coaching. The psychological element involves the use of evidence-based theories and principles proven by scientifically proven research methods, the technological element involves the use of applications of information technology and artificial intelligence for a promising customer experience and the element of human coaching consists of the assignment of highly trained personal coaches towards each individual that provide support and navigation to Noomers in achieving their goals.

Now we will briefly explain to you the strategies employed by the exclusive service that has made the weight loss journey easier than ever:

Provision of personalized daily lessons: They would provide you with daily lessons that are adjusted in accordance with your schedule. These lessons are directed towards attaining confidence and practical knowledge for their customers.

Constant motivational support: This is for helping you be consistent and steadfast on your path towards losing weight. For this, they would provide one-to-one coaching, communication with support groups, and SOS plans if deemed necessary.

Schedule at your convenience: They have specialized tracking tools that have the ability to automatically adjust their plans in line with your schedule. Therefore, it`s not a big deal if you miss or are going to miss something in line with your schedule.

Life With Noom

After subscribing to Noom`s service, you shall notice a change in your habits and psychological perception. To boost your brain`s functionality and confidence, they would be equipping you with regular discreet lessons that are backed by psychological and behavioral science. These lessons are quite easy to learn, and as much as easy they are, they would be promoting and strengthen your psychological strength and determination on your weight-loss journey.

Noom doesn`t decide how it would fit in your life but you would. You would have complete sovereignty to decide how much time you would spend on its application and what choices you should make in your everyday life. They would provide you the knowledge and impart their wisdom, but they won`t go any further and let you decide what kind of choices you want to make in your life.

For subscribers wanting additional support, they would be provided with personal coaches who would constantly give you the nudge for remaining intact in your checklist. Through personal coaching is not compatible for everyone but sometimes Noomers find success if they have someone to hold them accountable. It`s entirely up to you to what kind of support you need in order to get yourself aligned with Noom`s objectives.

Critical Reception

Many users around the world have positively acclaimed the impact of Noom in their lives. The report of how they`ve learned psychology about food and how their mind tends to develop as they go through a transformational change. They`ve told that they`ve become more conscious and mindful about the things they`re having in their diet. The people have understood how a psychology-based approach has made a difference in their lives and how it has allowed them to make choices easily.

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