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Every year during this time, I like to walk around the aisles of the store trying to get the essence of the spooky season. I try to savor it as it only comes around once a year, trying to get as much stuff relating to it as I can. Luckily, my realities and bank balance keep me in check all this time. Or else god helps me with what I would have brought back home. Probably had to look for a new apartment considering how impulsive I shop during Halloween.

During the early stages of my love for Halloween, you could catch me getting anything orange, black, and candy corn themed.

The approach is really cool for movies and not at all practical in real life. After rounds of impulse buying you will find the boxes packed away in some storage closet and as for the other half not having enough nooks or space on the wall to put on. I soon realized to put a stop to this madness and decided to make smart decisions while making my buys for the upcoming year. I didn`t say I was going to stop buying Halloween themed items. 

I decided to finely curate items in the upcoming years instead of the Halloween madness shopping. If you are a spooky enthusiast like me, you would know how hard it is to stop yourself from buying. I decided I need to establish some checkpoints to refer to every time I decide to get something. By establishing relevant checkpoints, I have grown out of the loop of making impulsive choices.

Evaluating All The Options

Times have changed now and so have our ability to make choices. Instead of roaming around the aisle these days, you can scroll through any store you like. With it comes the option of knowing if there is anything better out there in the same price range. Often I would find myself in the cycle of finding something else and better making me instantly regret the choice I made earlier. I try browsing through as many stores as possible to get an idea and this by far has been the best mechanism to avoid buyer`s remorse.

Does It Go Well With The Things I Already Own?

As mentioned earlier my habit of impulse buying got me into buying stuff I didn`t or things that didn`t sit well with the items I already owned. But eventually by myself these questions I got around to it. With time I became picky about the things that get to become a part of my permanent decoration and asked myself the very question that, will it go along with the products I already have.

Knowing Your Halloween style

Part of the reason I made all the buys was that I did not know what my style was. Obviously, I could tell what I liked when I had to choose from a relatively worse option. Evidently for this to happen, one has to figure out what kind of decorations they are into and what`s their Halloween style. 

If you know your style that`s great, but figuring out that you have one or what it is, is the harder job. One thing you can do is take all the pieces you have bought over the years and categorize them into antiques, spooky, colors, sizes, or anything of your preference. Once you see a pattern then there is your Halloween style.

Where Would It Go?

This should be one of the first three questions you should ask yourself. If I cannot immediately think of someplace, I don`t end up buying it. And would recommend you to do the same because what good does it do if it is just going to sit in the back of the closet. The sole purpose of doing Halloween shopping is it provides me maximum utility when I look at it. And if I am not going to be looking at it, it will not derive my happiness. Simple equation, Problem Solved!

Figuring Out A Store

During this tech savvy time, it is not hard to find an appropriate store that caters to most of your needs. Finding a store that caters to all of your Halloween décor cravings is hard but once you know there is one, It saves a lot of time and hassle of going from one store to another. 

While picking out stores, take a number of options and whether the products available in the store are pocket friendly and durable into consideration.

My personal favorite is DHgate where you can find all sorts of themed items, clothing, décor, gadgets, and various items at remarkably low prices. What I love about it is a great deal of categories and options the platform has to offer. Just a scroll here and there on the site now and I know what I want.

And Here Is My Personal Favorite

Once you have the right store picked up. The only time you allow yourself to impulsively buy something is when it costs less than 5 Dollars. Part of the reason why DHgate is my go to store for Halloween items is that it has tons of options when it comes under 5 dollars. Really cool, slick, and satisfies impulse buying needs.

There you have your go criteria for the upcoming Halloween shopping. If you would like to read more about Halloween tips and tricks, décor, costumes you can do at home we have covered various different articles on Halloween which you can check out in the blogs option on the website. Hoping this year, you save a lot more on these cheeky Halloween products.

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