5 Gorgeous Silk Attires To Dress Up For The Fall Season

There is no doubt about the benefits the silk fabric entails and the lux feeling it drives, but those qualities come at a rather extensive cost. Since most silk-based attires are organically produced, they are more expensive than items made of other pieces of fabric. And I do not know about you guys, but I tend to utilize the item to its utmost potential as the acquisition of these basic attires often results in a big hit for the bank. 

Nevertheless, investing in good quality basics is the answer to most of your outfit problems. 

These basics provide and work as the building blocks for any outfit. These building block essentials are often timeless, and selecting a few of the key pieces can definitely serve you well in the short as well as the long run on a number of occasions. 

And In today`s blog posts, I bring you some of the most contemporary pieces of wardrobe items. These Items also make up for a great gift for your loved one, which will provide them a luxe feel and something they will cherish for years and years to come.

  1. A Shirt For Formal And Casual Occasions

The sandwashed Silk shirt with epaulets is all about designs and details. The exquisite Design and details of the basic silk shirt in this particular instance elevate the look. The beautiful front pockets offer functionality and go well with epaulets on the shoulder, giving the whole shirt a military-inspired look. The epaulets and front pockets also structure the usual draping silk fabric to help elevate the look. 

The beautiful beige color makes it perfect for all types of preexisting neutral bottoms in your wardrobe. And as opposed to the popular belief of pairing silk with more formal bottoms and dressier occasions, what makes the sand-washed silk shirt unique is that it goes just as well with jeans. Pair it up with styling accessories and a pair of neutral-tone shoes to complete the look. And If a neutral tone is not the one for you, you can always opt for the same shirt options in bolder colors such as olive green.

  1. A statement Blouse

If you are on the hunt for a great statement blouse for your wardrobe, which in my humble opinion, is a must-have for everyone. This is a perfect piece to grab on the occasions you would like to dress up a bit but do not want to overdo it. The peculiar blouse provides comfort with style. This is the perfect top for days when you are looking for a more formal, business, and chic look. The ruching in the front gives it a high neck sort of look which is always a flattering look. 

The balloon sleeves with ruffled sleeves only add to the whole entree. But what makes the blouse unique and perfect for becoming part of the timeless wardrobe is its beautiful back that has a couple of beautiful ties attached to it. You can leave them open with your hair or tie it in a bow. To create a jaw-dropping look pair it with minimalist earrings and a bold color lipstick with neutral color tone bottom.

  1. Cashmere High Neck Sweater

How Can we let the fall weather kick in without reaching out for the most adorable mock neck sweaters? These basic cashmere mock neck sweaters will come in handy on multiple occasions. The cashmere sweater is practical while being light on the body. These cashmere sweaters can be worn as a single statement piece by themselves or just as a fundamental layer for any other outfit, such as blazers and jackets. The best thing about cashmere sweaters is that, unlike conventional sweaters, if you take proper care of cashmere sweaters, they will last for years and years to come without losing their original shape. Making it one of the best items for capsule wardrobe shopping for fall. The Soft cashmere does not feel itchy against the skin. 

  1. Black Tailored Trousers

The black tailored trousers from lily silk will last in your wardrobe for plenty of years to come if taken care of in the right manner. It is a must-have, especially for the fall and winter seasons, as it covers the whole legs while elevating the look of an outfit. It pairs with neutral tones attires as well as tops of bolder colors. The pants will create the illusion of longer legs while slimming the leg line. The Trousers are perfect for dressier occasions and work events. It will work well with basic tees, any of the tips mentioned above, and high heels for a more formal look, or just a white tee, white sneakers, and a blazer would do the job. 

  1. Pure Silk Trench Coat

A trench coat with a pinch of modern touch is the perfect outerwear staple, especially in the fall and winter seasons. The classic navy blue silk trench coat is a definite luxe update that can be paired with neutral tones and vivid colors. You can curate an outfit around it from scratch or use it as a finishing statement. The trench coat promises a chic and polished look at all times. The trench coat has been tailored to perfection to become a more thoughtful fit and complement all types of occasions and settings. 

These five basic wardrobe statements can be paired with each other to create ten different looks or even more if you are smart about other components of your wardrobe. You might have noticed that almost all of the silk attire. Inspirations are from lily silk, and there is a reason. Apart from being pocket-friendly, lily silk takes accountability in the production process by minimizing the carbon footprint.

Why Do I Shop From Lily Silk?

Being an environmental activist, I often find myself looking for environmentally friendly stores and taking measures to ratify the damage done to the global ecosystem. And unlike the mainstream silk producers, lily silk, one of my go-to stores for most of my silk essentials, bases all of the production of its featured items on mulberry trees and makes sure that the production process does not harm the environment in any way. Also, because there is less use of pesticides for their mulberry trees increases the durability and quality of their silk and also makes it toxins and chemical free. Thus making it one of the best in the business. 

Another reason why I use Lilysilk is that they only produce as much as they can sell. And their utmost commitment to a zero waste policy also minimizes their waste by bringing in use any wastage and using it as a component for smaller accessories and items that compliments the whole ensemble, such as scrunchies and eye masks.

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